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Spatial Development

Spatial planning faces major challenges - be it urban sprawl, traffic problems, housing shortages, increases in real estate prices or gentrification. At the same time, we struggle with legal complexity and the challenging task of engaging a wide range of stakeholders and finding balanced solutions. Our data-driven balancing of interests enables transparency and the management of complicated issues. Our proven stakeholder engagement methods help minimize conflict and foster consensus.

Data-based long-term strategies based on ESG principles for your spatial planning. We ensure that our customers can take advantage of cantonal and municipal spatial planning in a well-founded manner and in accordance with their needs.

Our service not only enables you to achieve coveted net zero targets, but also to meet the landmark recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Spatial planning involves various stakeholders who play a key role. The trick is to integrate this diversity and design balanced solutions. Resilientsy specializes in helping you effectively accomplish this task.

We offer you clear answers and well-founded expert opinions in the following areas of law: construction, planning, tendering, expropriation, tax, environmental, contract, traffic, administrative procedure law and public personnel law.

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