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Risk Management

We help identify, assess and mitigate potential risks. We create strategies so that you can act skilfully and successfully in negotiations, planning participation procedures and objections. With our negotiation strategies, you not only increase the legal security for your projects, but also increase the acceptance of your renovation and new construction projects. 

By identifying potential conflicts at an early stage and dealing with them professionally, you create a solid foundation for your projects. Through a thorough analysis of your business processes and spatial planning policy developments, we are able to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop proactive measures to protect your organization from potential threats.

Our risk management covers a wide range of areas, including legal, regulatory and strategic risks. We work closely with our clients to understand their risk profile and business objectives, and develop customized risk management plans that align with their objectives. Our team monitors and reviews the effectiveness of these plans and makes necessary adjustments to ensure your organization remains resilient in the face of evolving risks.

Core items:

  • Data-driven analysis

  • Sustainable solutions

  • resilience

  • Assessment of the environmental impact

  • Strategic Decision Making

Expert Opinion

David Belart

Architekt • Immobilienstratege • Projektentwickler • Head Development & ESG bei Avobis Advisory AG

«The key to success is the skilful combination of active public sector land policy and the courage to be thorough in the building codes. Together with the real estate and spatial development industry, Resilientsy is trying to implement and enforce polycentric settlement areas and 10-minute neighborhoods.»

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