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Stakeholder Management

Different interest groups play a central role in spatial planning. The art lies in integrating this diversity and finding balanced solutions. 

Our stakeholder management services include:

Data-based calculationsn: We rely on precise data analysis to create the basis for well-founded decisions. Our experts use modern technologies to generate reliable information.

Transparency through visualization: We transform complex data into clear visualizations. This makes it possible to present complex relationships in an understandable way and to bring everyone involved up to the same level of knowledge.

Well-founded basis for decision-making: With our data-supported approaches, we create the basis for informed decisions. In this way, the effects of options can be clearly evaluated and compared.

Creating a basis for discussion: Our transparent presentations facilitate discussions about the impact of decisions. This encourages an open debate and allows stakeholders to contribute their perspectives.

Understandable impact: We help to communicate the consequences of decisions in an understandable way. This enables stakeholders to better understand the effects of different measures.

Promoting consensus instead of compromise: Thanks to our solutions, it is possible to find common consensus instead of making compromises. We create a platform for productive collaboration and targeted decision-making.

At Resilientsy, we are committed to taking stakeholder management in spatial planning to a new level. Contact us to learn how we can help you create transparency, informed decisions and successful collaboration.

David Belart

Expert Opinion

Architect • Real Estate Strategist • Project Developer • Head Development & ESG at Avobis Advisory AG

«The key to success is the skilful combination of active public sector land policy and the courage to be thorough in the building codes. Together with the real estate and spatial development industry, Resilientsy is trying to implement and enforce polycentric settlement areas and 10-minute neighborhoods.»

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