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Urban Resilience

Our service not only leads to achieving the ambitious net zero goals, but also to implementing the pioneering recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on climate change.

Our expertise in urban resilience and sustainability enables you to design your urban spaces in a way that not only meets the needs of today, but also creates a livable and sustainable environment for generations to come.

Holistic Strategies: We develop tailored, data-driven strategies that make your city more resilient to the impacts of climate change while reducing environmental impact.


Pioneering implementation: With our service, you not only implement the net zero goals, you also go one step further by integrating the latest IPCC findings into your spatial planning.


Innovative Technologies: We use modern technologies and scientific knowledge to create innovative solutions for sustainable and resilient urban development.

Together we are shaping a city that not only meets current needs, but is also up to the global challenges of climate change.

Expert Opinion

David Belart

Architect • Real Estate Strategist • Project Developer • Head Development & ESG at Avobis Advisory AG

«The key to success is the skilful combination of active public sector land policy and the courage to be thorough in the building codes. Together with the real estate and spatial development industry, Resilientsy is trying to implement and enforce polycentric settlement areas and 10-minute neighborhoods.»

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