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Sibylle Wälty

Dr sc. Sibylle Wälty has been a research group leader at the ETH Wohnforum and a lecturer at ETH Zurich, among others, since 2016. Her focus is on the concept of 10-minute neighborhoods as a basis for the political negotiation process when weighing up the interests of economical land use and the associated transdisciplinary work. Through her extensive research and work as a consultant, Sibylle Wälty has made a name for herself and is considered a proven expert in her field.


With her start-up Resilientsy, she has been advising the real estate industry and planning on spatial development and legal issues relating to the implementation of the Spatial Planning Act since 2023. Sibylle Wälty is regularly invited to keynotes, presentations, panels and workshops and also publishes in magazines and newspapers. Her dissertation entitled “Carrying out economical use of land” will soon be published as a book.

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